Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple Chilli Chicken Fry

Being a good food lover i can say that as and when i started eating chicken i have become a great fan for it. So i started gathering different kinds of recipes from my friends and tried different varieties too. But this chicken fry is one of the best and easiest recipe that i have ever made.

After having this dish in one of my friends place me and my hubby were excited. Its just because not only for the taste but the time it took to prepare the dish. Its been ready within mins and with very little amount of ingredients and that too with greatttt taste of course.... So i could not wait to know the secret recipe from my friend Sridevi that day itself. And the next coming weekend only i have tried it at home and it is a big hit and here is the secret recipe how it goes......


Chicken - 2lb
Garlic - 20 to 25 pods, finely chopped
Soya Sauce - For marination of chicken (it must cover all the chicken pieces)
Green Chillis - 10, finely chopped
Onions - 1/2 medium size, finely chopped
Curry Leaves - 10
Little salt (Sometimes it is not needed too)


  • Clean the chicken thoroughly and make it into small pieces( With bones or without bones is fine).
  • Now marinate it with Soya sauce till the chicken pieces are almost dipped into the sauce. 
  • Keep it aside for min of half an hour(the more it is marinated the more will be the taste).
  • Heat oil in a cooking vessel and add the chopped garlic, green chillis, curry leaves and fry for 2 mins and now add the marinated chicken and keep the lid.
  • Do not add any water to it because there will so much of water coming of it.
  • By the time all the water gets dry the chicken will be fully cooked. Adjust the salt if needed.(mostly we wont need any salt to be added as there will be enough in the soya sauce )
  • Before ten mins when we feel the chicken is getting ready add the onions and let it cook for 10 more mins. 
  • Serve it with hot rice and rasam.


Ganga Sreekanth said...

looks so yummy..

Priya said...

Omg, wat an incredible dish, drooling here.


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