Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Kitchen tips..

Everyone at some sort of time face problems in the kitchen while cooking. And we wont get any sudden thought about what to do. These are commonly faced problems in the kitchen and i have posted some of the tips of how to overcome those problems and work easier in the kitchen.

Too Much Salt: If you've added too much salt to a recipe, there are two solutions,
1.add a little sugar.
2. Add a raw potato slice. This will absorb the salt, especially in soups or stews.

Too Much Spice: Can add some lemon juice, or dump off any extra gravy and pour water in it along with the spices.

Too Sweet : Add some salt, or, if the recipe is a vegetable or main dish, a teaspoon of vinegar.

Gravy Too Thick: If your gravy is too thick then add a little more liquid. For some gravies you can add milk which tastes good and make your curry a bit liguidy

Gravy Too Thin: Potato flakes may be added instead of flour to gravy, sauces and stews that are too thin, else some rice flour can also be added.

Overdone Vegetables: Put the pot in an pan of cold water. Let it stand from 15 minutes to half an hour without scraping pan.

Peeling Fresh Garlic: Peel garlic and store in a covered jar of vegetable oil. The garlic will stay fresh and the oil can be nicely flavored for salad dressings too.

For fresh Lemon: When a small amount of lemon juice is needed, insert a skewer into the lemon rind and squeeze juice out and store it again. The lemon will stay fresher longer than if it were cut.

Crisp Vegetables:To make your vegetables to remain crisp, cover the crisper section of your refrigerator with newspaper and then use the paper to wrap vegetables. Moisture will be absorbed and your vegetables will stay fresher longer.

Easily Peeled Tomatoes: Place tomatoes in a bowl, add boiling water and let them stand for one minute. Tomatoes will peel easily with a sharp knife.

Fluffy Rice: Rice will be fluffier and whiter if you add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to each quart of water.

Healthy Rice: Cook rice in liquid saved from cooking vegetables to add flavor and nutrition.


Rachana Kothari said...

Thanks for dropping by! The kitchen tips are indeed helpful...

GayathriRaj said...

thanku Rachana.. said...

These are wonderful tips and very useful.Thanks for dropping by simplyfood.Your visit and comments are very much appreciated.Following your blog.


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