Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Instant Mamidi Avakai/ Mango Pickle

Avakai is one of the most popular pickle among all the pickles. I feel that all the pickle lovers will crave for avakai and wait eagerly for the mangoes season to come. And everyone at my home are pickle lovers and i tried here with the mangoes that i got it from some indian stores.

In childhood my grandmother use to make different types of pickles and she used to store it in large jars. In those days she use to pack us each and every pickle when we are back to our place. Those are the lovely beautiful days in villages we spent all the summer holidays. And coming to Avakai, it is such a big process which they use to make and need so much of patience and interest too. As generations change due to so many reasons like lack of time, place etc we love to eat such pickles but cannot make it at home as they do. So this is the way i tried some instant pickle and enjoyed it.

It can be stored in some dry place and preserved for 3-4months but i think that much time is more for it as it gonna be empty within days (that is the magic of Avakai).Its such an easy process and no need of any special ingredients too.

Many such pickles are coming soon..:) Stay tuned!!!

Ingredients :-

Mamidikayalu / Raw Mangoes - 2to3 (small-3, if large-2)(preferably sour mangoes to be taken)
Chilli powder - 1/2 cup
Mustard powder/ Aava podi - 1/2 cup
Salt - 1/2 cup
Oil - 1cup
Garlic - 8 to 10 flakes
Fenugreek - 1/2 tsp
Pinch of turmeric

Procedure :-

  • Wash the raw mangoes with water and clean it with a dry towel and let it dry (make sure it is fully dry and no water on it)
  • Now cut them into small pieces as to which size you want them to be and keep it aside (better if you cut them along with the inner part which is hard to cut but tastes good and can be preserved for longer).
  • To the pieces add all the ingredients except oil and mix well till it is evenly distributed among all the pieces.
  • Now to this add the oil and mix it well and transfer into some jar.(jar need to be clean and dry)

  • This pickle will be ready to serve within two days and can be preserved for 3-4months and good with any rice or breakfast options like idly, dosa etc. (good with white rice, pappu and some fried curry will be the best forever :))

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CHAITRA said...

Avakayi chala bavundi.Velayithey vedi vedi annam tho thinali anipisthondhi.
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